Tips for Decorating like a Parisian

Whether you are moving to Paris and in need of some decorating tips or if you are looking to bring some touches of Paris into your home, the Parisian decorating style is something everyone swoons over. After decades of living in the city of lights, we have compiled some of our favorite tips for turning your home in to a Parisian paradise.

IMG_10271. Fresh Flowers

In Paris, no trip to the open-air market is complete without a bouquet of fresh flowers to brighten up the apartment. Each season brings a new color and scent combination from Continue reading

The Cheese Plate

“Un repas sans fromage est une belle à qui manqué un œil.”
“(a meal without cheese is a beautiful woman with one eye missing)”

Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin

Cheese 1


If you’re a lover of cheese like we are, there’s really no denying that the cheese course of a menu is by far the best part, especially in France where they have almost 400 different types of cheese to indulge in! If you’re planning to visit France in the near future, or you’re planning to host a dinner party with cheese on the menu, I encourage you to read ahead. It turns out there is a certain cheese etiquette that MUST be followed, so we had better get it right!

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Our Picks | Best Hot Chocolate in Paris

There is nothing better in the cold winter than warming up with some hot chocolate and Paris knows how to brew a spectacular cup of hot cocoa. Whether it is pre-made or comes with the pure melted chocolate and milk for you to mix together according to your preference, Paris is filled with quality hot cocoa spots to sooth your sweet tooth and your soul.


Here are some of our favorites: Continue reading

Dining-In: An Authentic Experience

This is a guest post by our fabulous Fall intern Laurel Heidewohl. Laurel is a student at The American University of Paris and was one of our favorite interns. She had a wonderful experience at EatWith and wanted to share it with our readers. We hope you enjoy!


Ever indulged in a scrumptious meal with a handful of strangers? We have… and let us tell you – it was more than delightful!

EatWith, an online global community that invites you to intimately relish in a homemade dining experience of your choice, has revolutionized our outlook on eating out.

10841521_10205631946104216_437788692_n-17:25 pm – we exit the Grands Boulevards metro stop to find our way to location of the dinner party.

7:32 pm – we’re already following the alluring fragrance to the door of our host, Alexis. Continue reading

What’s New | Fall 2014

There have been so many new openings in the past few months that we have gained a good few kilos eating our way around town! Stay out of the winter cold by warming up in some of these great dining spots!


52 Faubourg Saint Denis

52 Faubourg Saint Denis

The team behind neighbourhood favorites L’Office and Richer has opened a bright new no-reservations neo-bistro on, you guessed it, rue Faubourg Saint Denis. The small menu is Continue reading

Holiday Recipe | Pain d’Epices

Nothing says Holiday Season like some holiday baking!

Spice up your apartment and warm your souls this winter with this delicious recipe for pain d’épices. We have teamed up with the fabulous Montmartre-based cooking school Cook’n With Class to bring you one of the easiest and best recipes we have ever made for this French classic.

IMG_0706Pain d’épices is a honey cake flavoured with various spices. While the cake is similar to gingerbread, this French classic contains no molasses and is made with whole grain flour Continue reading

Holiday 2014 Restaurant Closings

Traveling in Paris over the holiday season is nothing less than magical!

One can hit quite a few speed bumps, however, when it comes to dining as many restaurants close for at least a week over the holidays. Below is our list of restaurant closing by arrondissement followed by our suggestions for some great spots to spend both Christmas and New Years.


First up, the holiday closures:


Le Grand Vefour – cosed December 24-28
Les Fines Gueules – closed December 23-25, closed December 31 – January 1
Verjus – closed December 24-26 & January 1st
Spring – closed December 22-25, closed December 31- January 1


Chez Georges – closed December 24-January 1st
Drouant – closed January 1st
Racines 1 & 2 – closed December 23 – January 5
Saturne – closed December 24-28
Terroir Parisien Palais Brongniart – closed December 24 – January 1, open December 31 for dinner only


Derriere – closed December 24-25, January 1st
Glou – closed December 24-25
La Briciola – closed approx. December 22 – January 2
Beaucoup – closed December 24-25, January 1st
Soma – closed December 24-January 3


Benoit— closed December 24-25 & 31, January 1
Icho— closed December 21- December 27
Isami— closed December 24 – January 5
Le Jaja – closed December 24-25, January 1st
L’Ambroisie— closed December 24-25, closed January 31-1


58 Qualité Street— closed December 20-December 26
Desvouges— closed December 24 – January 5
Itinéraires— closed December 22-26
Le Pot O’Lait— closed December 20- January 2
Le Pre Verre— closed evening of December 24-January 2
Les Papilles— closed December 24 – January 2, open December 26, 27
Terroir Parisien— closed December 24-25, January 1


Le Chardenoux des Prés – closed December 24, 25
L’Epi Dupin – closed night of December 24- December 29, closed December 31- January 5
Fish La Boissonerie – closed December 22 – January 2
Le Timbre – closed December 24, 25, open December 26-31, closed January 1-5
Le Comptoir du Relais – closed December 24, 25, closed December 31-January 1
Semilla – closed December 24 – January 5
Ze Kitchen Gallerie – closed December 24-25 & 31, January 1


Brasserie Thoumieux – no annual closing
L’Atelier Saint-Germain de Joël Robuchon – no annual closing
L’Arpège – no annual closing
Café Constant – no annual closing
L’Arpège –  closed December 27, 28
Chez l’Ami Jean – closed December 24-January 1
Davis Toutain – Closed December 25 & January 1
Treize – closed December 24-31


L’Atelier Etoile de Joël Robuchon – open every day except December 31
Lasserre – closed December 24 -29 open December 25, open December 31 & January 1 for dinner only
La Gaigne – closed December 24-27
Market – no annual closing
Pierre Gagnaire – closed December 23-26, January 1-6


Le Pantruche – closed December – January 5
La Maison Mère –closed December 24-25, closed January 31-1
Encore – closed December 23 – January 5
Caillebotte – open December 24 for lunch, closed from December 24- January 5
L’Office – closed night of December 24 – January 4


Abri – closed December 25 – January 2
Vivant Table – closed December 24 – January 5
Le Galopin – closed December 24 – January 5
Porte 12 – closed December 22-29, open December 30-31, closed January 1-2


Caffe dei Cioppi – closed December 20 – January 5
Chardenoux – closed December 24-25
Le Chateaubriand – closed December 22-26
Bones – closed December 21-January 7


Dersou – Closed for dinner on December 24, Closed December 25.


La Régalade – closed December 24 (dinner), 25, 31 (dinner) & January 1-4; Exceptionally open for lunch on December 22 & 29
Le Severo- closed December 24, 25, 31 & January 1


La Veraison – closed December 20 – January 6
La Niege D’Ete – closed December 22-25, Closed January 1
Le Quinzième – closed December 24, 25, 31
Jadis – closed December 24-27 & January 1


La Table Lauriston – closed December 24-25 & January 1


Coretta – closed December 24, 25, 31 & January 1
Guy Savoy – Closed December 23-25 & January 1
Gare au Gorille – closed December 24, 25 & 31
Roca – closed December 22-26


Guilo-Guilo – closed December 27 – January 3
Jeanne B – closed December 22 – January 13


Roseval– closed December 24 – January 5


And here are some ideas for places to celebrate Christmas and the New Year:

Restaurants to celebrate Christmas Eve Dinner

Allard – 95euro/person special menu, not including drinks
Brasserie Thoumieux – standard menu as well as a special menu
David Toutain – 200euro/person special menu
Drouant  – Standard menu + 140euro/person special menu
Guilo-Guilo – standard menu available
L’Arpège – standard menu
Le Grand Colbert – standard menu available
Le Jules Verne – 290Euro/Person, 390Euro/Person with wine pairing
La Tour d’Argent— 150euro/person special menu
Le Meurice— 650euro/person special menu
Le Reminet – special items on the menu for the holiday season but no fixed-price menu
Market – standard menu available
Mon Vieil Ami—75Euro/Person special menu

Restaurants to celebrate Christmas Day Dinner

Brasserie Thoumieux – standard menu as well as a special menu
Drouant  – Standard menu + 140euro/person special menu
L’Arpège – standard menu
L’Atelier Etoile de Joël Robuchon— standard menu & tasting menu
Le Grand Colbert – Standard Menu
Le Reminet – special items on the menu for the holiday season but no fixed-price menu
Market – standard menu available
Mon Vieil Ami—75Euro/Person

Restaurants to celebrate New Year’s Eve Dinner

Allard – 130euro/person (w/o drinks) & 210euro/person (including drinks) special menus
Beaucoup – 115euro/person special menu
Brasserie Thoumieux – standard menu as well as a special menu
Le Chardenoux des Prés –100euro/person special menu
David Toutain – 200euro/person special menu
Derriere – 160euro/person special menu
Dersou –90euro/person special menu
Drouant – 160euro/person special menu
Glou – 98euro/person special menu
Jadis – 95euro/person special menu
Jean Francois Piege – special menu
L’Arpège – standard menu
L’Atelier Etoile de Joël Robuchon— standard menu & tasting menu
La Table Lauriston – 98euro/person special menu
La Tour d’Argent— standard menu available
Le Chateaubriand – 85euro/person special menu (110euro/person with wine)
Le Gaigne— 130euro/person special menu
Le Grand Colbert – 120-200euro/person special menu
Le Grand Vefour- 650euro/person special menu
Le Jaja – 100euro/person special tasting menu including a glass of champagne
Le Jules Verne – 600euro/person, 800euro/person with wine pairing special menu
Le Meurice— 1200euro/person special menu
Le Reminet – special items on the menu for the holiday season but no fixed-price menu
Market – special menu will be available
Mon Vieil Ami—85euro/person special menu
Pierre Gagnaire – 595euro/person menu, not including drinks
Roca – will have a special menu
Saturne – special menu
Terroir Parisien—90euro & 110euro/person special menus
Verjus – 250euro/person special menu, private room reservation for groups available.

Restaurants to celebrate New Year’s Day Dinner

Chardenoux – 100euro/person
Brasserie Thoumieux – standard menu as well as a special menu
Itinéraires— special menu 140euro/person
L’Arpège – standard menu
L’Atelier Etoile de Joël Robuchon— standard menu & tasting menu
Le Chardenoux des Prés – 100Euro/person without drinks
Le Grand Colbert – Standard menu
Le Grand Vefour – Standard menu available.
Le Reminet – special items on the menu for the holiday season but no fixed-price menu
Market – standard menu available

Spotlight on the Musée Nissim de Camondo

This is a guest post by the team at Context Travel. They have shared some of their expert advice on some fun new ways to discover the City of Light. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

The Musée de Nissim Camondo, located in the 8th arrondissement near the Parc Monceau, houses the once private collection of 18th century arts & decor that previously belonged to Count Moïse de Camondo. In a city notorious for its many museums, the Nissim Camondo, although less-known than the Louvre or the Orsay, still very much merits a visit.

Musee_Nissim_De_Camondo_2Like many museums in Paris, the history of the Musée de Nissim Camondo is just as interesting as the historical objects on display inside. Moïse de Camondo was born in Constantinople during the Ottoman empire, to a family of Sephardic Jewish bankers. Shortly after, his family moved to Paris in an effort to extend their business. Moïse was the heir to the family estate, which he rebuilt 1911 to house his extensive art collection as well as to serve as his family’s private residence. The architecture of this residence-turned-museum was largely inspired by the Petit Trianon at Versailles.

It was the intention of Moïse to pass down his estate to his son Nissim de Camondo; however, Nissim enlisted in the Armée de l’air immediately after the outbreak of World War I and was tragically killed in battle in 1917. Following the death of his only son, Moïse largely retreated from society, preferring to devote his time to his collection and occasionally receiving guests for dinner parties. In honor of his son he donated the estate to the Musée des Arts Décoratifs and one year after his death in 1935 the Musée de Nissim Camondo was inaugurated. The tragic story of this family continued in 1945 when Count Camondo’s last living descendants, his daughter Beatrice de Camondo Reinach and her children, died in a concentration camp after being deported to Germany during the German Occupation of France during World War II.

Musée_Nissim_de_Camondo_-_Petit_BureauThe residence has been entirely preserved in its original condition and is one of the best examples of, as Moïse describes it in his will, “the recreation of an 18th-century artistic residence”. Today visitors of the museum can visit 3 floors of this once-private mansion including the kitchens (featuring a kosher design), formal rooms and private apartments, as well as the small but incredibly charming gardens. This museum also offers visitors a glimpse into the daily life of the elite upper class in the 20th century.

Some of the highlights of Moïse’s collection include Savonnerie tapestries as well as notable woodworks by Riesener and Jacob. We sat down with art historian and Context Travel docent Dr. Charlotte Daudon Lacaze to ask her favorite piece in the collection. Without hesitation, she shared what she considers to be the pièce de résistance: the small lady’s roll top desk built around 1760 by cabinet-maker Jean-François Oeben, with its “beautifully delicate inlay work of naturalistic floral motifs of precious wood and very elegant forms.” This was the first prototype of the roll top desk, and in fact, after seeing this desk in 1761, King Louis XV commissioned a larger, grander version for himself, now known as the “Bureau du Roi” (it’s on display at the Palace of Versailles).

Besides the gorgeous aesthetics of the piece, it was also functional. Louis XV kept his important documents in hidden drawers for which he had the only key, which he kept on his person at all times. We may never know how Moïse used his desk, which he acquired from famed antique dealer Jacques Seligmann in 1899, but for Charlotte, “the first and small version at the Nissim Camondo is one of the most elegant pieces of French Louis XV furniture and a wonderful testimony to Moïse de Camondo’s impeccable taste”.

Petit_Trianon_(new)The Musée de Nissim Camondo is open from Wednesday to Sunday, 10am to 5:30pm.

Looking to visit the museum with an expert? Context Travel can arrange private tours of the collection. For more information, contact their Paris team directly at
Check out our past posts from Context Travel here!

Les Marchés de Noël | 2014 – 2015

There is something magical about the holiday season in Paris and there isn’t a better way to bring out the Christmas spirit than to head to one of the city’s Marchés de Noël, or Christmas Markets.

Christmas markets throughout France originate from the Eastern region of Alsace that has historical roots being traded between France and Germany. The most famous (and largest) Christmas Market in France is in Strasbourg, the capital of the region.


Here in Paris, Christmas Markets tend to pop up throughout the city from mid-November through the holiday season. Below are some of our favorite markets for shopping and spiced vin chaud to warm you up! Continue reading

Mixing Business with Pleasure | 24 Hours in Paris

I was recently interviewed for a feature in easyJet Traveller, easyJet’s in-flight magazine, on an itinerary for a 24-hour business layover in Paris and what we would recommend. The full article is featured in the November 2014 issue of easyJet Traveller but I thought I would share with you my suggestions for a 24-hour business pitstop in Paris that would be the perfect mix of business and pleasure:

Overnight | Sleep Well Continue reading