Sadaharu Aoki | Beautiful Japanese-Inspired Pastries

Tokyo born pastry chef, Sadaharu Aoki, opened his first boutique in the 6th in 2001. Since then he has earned his reputation by using rigorous French pastry technique combined with traditional japanese ingredients.

photo 3Aoki has mastered the magic of simplicity in pairing these two cultures through the art of pastry. The Japanese ingredients he uses like matcha, yuzu, red beans, black sesame blend beautifully with the rich french-style ganaches, creams and chocolates.

We decided to taste the Zen, a white chocolate cream sandwiching matcha cake, sesame cream, and sesame pastry. It was fresh, new and delightfully not too sweet. We also tried the Genmaicha (green tea and toasted brown rice) eclair and their signature chocolate-covered macaroons that they call Chocoron. Our favorite, however, was the black sesame eclair. It was sweet and airy and had all the makings of the perfect eclair with these new Japanese flavors.

photo 2Aoki has now opened two other boutiques and a corner shop in Galleries Lafayette as well as in Japan and Taiwan.

Sadaharu Aoki Segur
25 rue Pérignon, 75015
Sadaharu Aoki Vaugirard
35 rue de Vaugirard, 75006
Sadaharu Aoki Port Royale
56 boulevard de Port Royal, 75005 


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