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We are very fortunate to live in a city where there are multiple options for efficient public transport.  The metro is a faithful companion, as are the buses.  Velib’s have revolutionized our ability to hop on wheels and enjoy the city on bike.  Although these are worthy choices, sometimes given circumstances call for another means – the cab.  No need to go into details of why that may be, but we’ve all been there.

Anyone who has ever lived in a big city, knows the giant hassle it can be to track down a taxi when in need (there are always loads of them when you don’t need one!).  Even when calling a company to reserve a cab, there’s no telling how long the wait time will actually end up being, or if it’ll show up at all!  Oh la, it can be such a joy.  Well, count your lucky stars!  There is hope, and it goes by the name of “Le Cab“.



 Le Cab has been around since November 2012 and has had phenomenal success simply through raving “word of mouth” reviews.  That’s the power of networking, my friends.  Their claim to fame is as follows: high quality service and fixed rates.  Unlike Uber, the San Francisco based company which paved the way for modernized taxi companies, Le Cab’s fares are consistently low, with no hidden charges are unexpected “surge pricing” based on high demand.

To add to the already above average experience, iPads can be found in every vehicle!  When trying out the service, my friend and I were more than amused – playing music, taking pictures of ourselves and  recording short videos.  The driver, Abdallah, seemed quite amused by the experience as well and was nothing less than friendly and professional.


Using Le Cab couldn’t have been easier.  First, I created an account online (not mandatory), then downloaded the LeCab app on my iPhone.  “Make a Booking” is the next step and after entering a few details (destination, etc.), I had a Peugot 508 booked!  Confirmation comes via text as does the notification that the driver is en route and has  arrived.  Brilliant!   And all this for under 10euros.   I’m a believer and highly recommend you all follow suit.  You won’t regret it!

Happy cabbing!

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    1. Sasha

      Hi Carol, unfortunately we have a 4 hour minimum for our services. We suggest that you reserve a car through LeCab or that you just pick one up from the airport. The price would be between 50-60 euros probably depending on where you are going in Paris and the traffic. Best of luck!

  2. Gare du Nord

    Now a days, any modern taxi services have interactive booking systems so that everyone can book for a taxi online and from anywhere they are. The online booking systems having the facility to calculate the charge based on the taxi, distance and other factors.


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